Maui Jack's Waterpark Lazy River
Maui Jack's Waterpark Lazy River

Actualización de pases 2020


Here's the latest.....

If you purchased one of our sweet season passes we’ve got killer news. Your pass will now be good from July 1, 2020 until July 2021.

If you already purchased a 1-day pass, no worried brah. Our 1-day passes don’t expire so you can slide on over to Maui Jack’s anytime.

If you snagged a 3-day pass, don’t sweat it. The expiration date has been extended until September 2021.

We can’t wait to chill with you at Maui Jack’s soon, but in the meantime, follow us on social media so you can get all the freshest updates about our 2020 season! 

Maui Jack's Waterpark | boy enjoying the lazy river

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  • Isla Chincoteague Koa
  • El aterrizaje de Massey
  • Cohete del mar


Diseño y gestión de la construcción:Logotipo de Waterpark Consulting

Sitio web por: Inclined, Inc.
Sitio web por: Inclined, Inc.

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